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peek a peak art in the studio
I am painting on raw canvas in big format with oil, oil stick, ink and soft pastel, or drawing and writing letters and signs with soft pastel on paper. I am dedicated to my ambidextrous art and ambihemispherical philosophy since university years.

The dream of dressing myself and dancing in the finished painting on canvas or with the fine Japanese paper and its translucent soft pastel traces was always present in my life and I can finally realize it by creating endless new patterns with the extremely fine quality prints of my work on finest natural Italian silk.

The joy of creation, a dance of colors and traces painted, while I sometimes dance for hours on the marmol chessboard floor in my patio. My creations reflect the free, highly energetic, fluid and well balanced vivacity of the fully developed ambihemispherical brain. Sharing this energy with you and embracing you with it.

In this Peek a Peak selection you will find new designs for scarfs and kaftans and the possibility to pre-order items with an estimated shipping within 6-8 weeks.

Susanne Steines

peek a peak
work peek a peak tuluminosa susanne steines
peek a peak rotated
peek a peak art
susanne steines artist
peek a peak susanne steines
peek a peak tuluminosa
small kaftan susanne steines
peek a peak
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