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Always being an artist and writer, at some point during university years, I had for a brief moment started a supermodel career but soon dropped it for the benefit of my literature and artistic creation.

With this background and a life of poetry, writing, painting and creating between Germany, France, Mexico, New York and Spain, I now realize a dream to wrap myself in poetry on naked skin:

I turn my paintings into art as finest fashion: caressing you with visual poetry printed on highly translucid Italian natural silk. The quality of silk is known as “Soie Parachute” as it historically has been used for parachutes, a very light and enduring fabric.

I accompany the parachute silk collection with luxury nappa leather bags for all of us to always carry on as well as the “Union \Square”-collection of small square shaped scarves in 65cmX65cm and 90cmX90cm. All silk products are handrolled, hand trimmed and made in Italy.

In the silk and luxury collection of larger fabrics and kaftans, there will always be a first limited edition of a hundred, numbered and hand signed pieces.

Finally, I realized my life long dream of Schlegel’s and Novalis’ Universal Poetry. I can even dress myself in it now just as Mexican poet Netzahualcoyotl wrote: “Dress yourself in flowers.” Or in Goethe’s pantheism: “Working the Godheads living garment.”
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